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Bursaries and Student Support

An important function of the BZA is to provide support for those who are at the beginning of a career in scientific research. The principal mechanism for this is through the award of travel bursaries, which enable graduate students to attend conferences and workshops in areas related to zeolite science and technology, as well as undergraduate summer research scholarships.


Travel bursaries for PhD, MPhil and MSc students


In order to be eligible for a BZA student bursary, a student must be registered for a higher degree (i.e. PhD, or MPhil/MSc by research), and also be a member of the BZA. Normally these will be students at UK universities wishing to present their work at conferences either within the UK or overseas; however there are often funds available for overseas students wishing to attend BZA conferences. Those who receive bursaries are expected to write a critical report of all, or part, of the conference attended for inclusion on web publications of the BZA (although this is no longer a requirement for those attending the BZA annual conference). The level of reimbursements depends on the funds available and is on a sliding scale, depending on whether the student is giving a talk or a poster. Full details of our current policy are given on the application form below.

How to Apply

Three months before the conference a bursary application has to be made. The decision will be made on scientific merit based on the submission of the conference abstract. Condition for payment of the bursary to successful applicants is the submission of a one page conference review.  For the BZA meeting, students will be supported by a reduced registration fee and a travel bursary up to £100 will be offered at the discretion of the treasurer. Please bring receipts to the meeting. For other meetings, an expense claim form must be filled out and returned as indicated, together with appropriate receipts.

BZA Summer Research Bursary

The BZA offers up to two summer research bursaries to provide funding for undergraduate students registered at a UK university to perform research within the general areas of interest of the BZA either at a UK university or a university abroad.

BP Summer Bursary for Next Generation Scientists and Engineers

This summer bursary will support a candidate from underrepresented backgrounds and promote novel research in porous materials and catalysis through the generous sponsorship of BP. In your motivation letter, please address why you apply for this bursary.

Both schemes fund a student stipend of £200 per week for a maximum of eight weeks. No additional support is provided. Supervisors should apply by sending a research proposal (no more than one side A4), the student's CV and a brief statement (300 words max) from the student explaining their motivation for the scholarship. Applications should be sent to the Secretary Prof Craig Williams by 20th of March 2020, 5 pm. Please ensure your subject line includes "BZA Summer Bursary" or "BP Summer Bursary" and the surname of the applicant.

Successful candidates are expected to write a short report (max 5 pages) summarising their results. Additionally in order to promote the summer research bursaries on the webpage each student is asked to submit a (brief) paragraph about their work and experience together with a figure illustrating the work and a photo of themselves. These documents are to be submitted by e-mail to the Secretary Prof Craig Williams within a month of completion of work.