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Founders' Award - Past Winners

2019 Founders' Award Winner

Sofia Marchesini won the 2019 Founders' Award for her work on the design of porous boron nitride materials for adsorption applications.

2018 Founders' Award Winner

Giulia Bignami won the 2018 Founders' Award for her significant contributions to the isotopic enrichment of important inorganic and inorganic-organic hybrid materials, thereby enabling quantitative and in situ analysis of structure and processes through sophisticated high-resolution solid-state NMR techniques.

2017 Founders' Award Winner

Matthew Ryder won the 2017 Founders' Award for his work on studying mechanical properties of metal-organic frameworks using quantum chemical calculations and neutron scattering experiments carried out at ISIS. Matthew is studying for a DPhil degree in the Department of Engineering Science, University of Oxford. He received the Award at the 2017 Annual Meeting in Preston from the hands of Alan Dyer, one of the founders of the BZA.

2016 Founders' Award Winner

Alexander O'Malley won the 2016 Founders' Award for his work on "Sorbate dynamics in zeolite catlysts: computational and neutron diffraction studies". Alexander did his PhD at UCL with Prof Richard Catlow.

2015 Founders' Award Winner

The winner of the 2015 Founders' Award was Dr Matthew Cliffe for his work in the synthesis and characterisation of defective MOF materials. Matt did his PhD in Prof Andrew Goodwin's group in Oxford and is now a Junior Research Fellow in Cambridge. Examples of Matt's excellent work can be found at

2014 Founders' Award Winner

Congratulations to Matthew Potter, the 2014 winner of the Founders' Award. Matthew won the award for his PhD work on "Understanding synergy in microporous materials for sustainable industrial applications" in Prof Robert Raja's group at the University of Southampton which was sponsored by Honeywell LLC USA. In his work, Matthew successfully merged the industrial and academic areas of his project.

2013 Founders' Award Winner

John Mowatt, Rob BellJohn Mowatt, Rob Bell

The winner of the 2013 Founders' Award was John Mowat who did his PhD on "Synthesis, characterisation and adsorption properties of metal-organic frameworks and the structural response to functionalisation and temperature" with Prof Paul Wright at the University of St Andrews.


2012 Founders' Award Winner

David Law, Alan Dyer, Tom CareyDavid Law, Alan Dyer, Tom Carey


Tom Carey has won the 2012 BZA Founders' Award. Tom is doing a PhD under the supervision of Tom Anderson and Joe Hriljac, University of Birmingham, and Chiu Tang and his team at Diamond. He studied the behaviour of zeolites at different temperatures. Tom was presented with his award at the BZA annual conference in Chester, June 2012 by Alan Dyer, one of the founders of the British Zeolite Association.


2011 Founders' Award Winner

Dr David Law, James Paterson, Dr Ewen FergusonDr David Law, James Paterson, Dr Ewen Ferguson

The inaugural BZA Founders' Award has been won by James Paterson, who completed his PhD at Southampton University under the supervision of Dr Robert Raja. His thesis is entitled "Exploitation of synergy in oxidation catalysis with bimetallic aluminophosphate catalysts". James was presented with his award at the BZA annual conference in Edinburgh, April 2011.